Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Rainbow Patchwork

45 x 54

Can you believe this quilt is made from leftover from my postcard quilt?  I had cut the leftover strips into squares and had so many I wanted to make a quilt from them. I did have to get into my stash for some purple, but that was about it.  I wish I had taken a picture of the top before it was quilted.  It was so plain.  Now it looks awesome!

I quilted back and forth in each square across the quilt alternating directions.  I only messed up once. Can you find it up there?  I'll give you a hint:  it's on a green square.  I had started thinking about something when I was quilting and oopps! Went the wrong way! No big deal.

For the back, I used a gray scratchy looking fabric that was wide enough for the whole quilt.  I used it for the binding too.

Myra, I thought of you when I saw the pictures of this quilt!

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Monday, November 23, 2015

Frogs and Bugs Baby Quilt

31.5 x 40.5

This is a simple and cute baby quilt.  My 10 yr old son made the top.  He has gotten so much better.  In fact, most of his seams line up perfectly!

He chose some frog and bug prints to go with some of my 5" square scraps.  I gave it a quick meander and added the matching binding.

I think he needs to be making some more baby quilts because I usually don't make those myself!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Scrappy Black and Red Twister


This twister quilt was made following Jasmine's tutorial except I cut my squares at 6 inches instead of 10 to make a smaller twister block.  And I used white for every other twister to lighten the quilt up a bit.

I laid my ruler 1.5 inches in from the left on the top and 1.5 inches in from the right on the bottom and made a cut.

I don't have a rotating mat big enough so I just moved my ruler without moving the fabric.  Repeat the same cut.

Each piece ends up looking exactly the same.  NOTE:  remember to place all squares right side up when cutting on the 4 pieces or they will be backwards.

I was deciding between twisters that were all the same in the block or the scrappy version. After I laid out the pieces, I decided it would be easier to cut some of the white into 2 pieces instead of 4 so there would be less sewing.  I forgot to take a picture of this and you can't see it in the picture.  Sorry!

I went with the scrappy version.  I somewhat randomly placed a black and red print together and sewed all the blocks.  Then I trimmed them to 4.5 inches.  Them placed them out on the design wall to make sure all the different fabrics got spread out.

I really love this quilt!  I plan on making some more in the future.  Perhaps lime green and teal or maybe even 3 different colors.  Lots of options with this pattern.  Hope you give it a try!

Needle and Thread Thursday

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Super Simple No Seams to Line Up Guy Quilt...

...for lack of a better title!  I even asked my boys for some ideas - "super cool line quilt"  and "cool quilt" were some of the wonderful suggestions I received!  My inspiration came from here with no help naming this quilt either.  But it is simple and easy to make!

53 x 63

Blocks are cut at 6.5" x 4.5" and sashing is 2.5"  I used most of the same fabrics from the last quilt, but this time I wanted to use up all the striped fabric.  I love the striped binding.  I didn't know weather to connect my strips on the diagonal or match them up straight.  So I went with diagonal because it goes through my binding machine easier!  Here's a closer look at the prints.

 Lots of stripes on the back.  It wasn't tall enough so I just cut it in 3 places and added some fabric from the front. I was all out of the red which would have looked great on the back.  Still looks great.  I think stripes are perfect for a guy quilt!

Fresh Poppy Design

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Boxed Argyle Quilt

I've had this argyle print sitting around in a pile with this striped print for several years now. The white with polka dots was in there too.  So I picked this pattern to make the quilt.  The pinterest link is no good, so I just drew it up in my notebook.  The large squares finish at 9" and the small ones finish at 4".  The sashing is 1" finished.

56 x 71

I tried to match the argyle print on the border.  That was as close as I could get.  Let's just say I won't be using that kind of fabric for a border anytime soon!  Because of that, I used the rest of it as the binding and the back of the quilt.  All gone!  (I had already cut a few pieces to put in the next quilt so you will be seeing it again.  Don't want you to think I was lying!  I made both tops before doing the backs.)  Hope your weekend is fall-like!

Needle and Thread Thursday

Friday, October 2, 2015

Scrappy Patches Quilt Pattern - 2 Ways!

Here's a new pattern from Myra of Busy Hands Quilts!  You can find this Scrappy Patches Quilt pattern at Craftsy or Etsy. The good news is that you get 2 patterns with this one.  One for a scrappy version (see the next picture) and one like the bright colored one with all the blocks the same (later in this post). 

48 x 60

 So first up is the scrappy version.  I made mine from 2.5 inch strips that I have been keeping in my scrap bins.  I've been wanting to make a more masculine quilt for a while now so I pulled out some blue, green and warm brown colors.  Love that I can use up scraps for this quilt!  And since the strips were already cut, it went really fast.  You could also use a jelly roll and it would be just as scrappy.

I used leftover pieces on the back from the blocks to give it some interest.  Looks like a road!

Version 2 is made from just one block with 12 different fabrics.  Same block as the scrappy but with a totally different look.  Awesome! This pattern is quick and easy!

48 x 60

I used the leftovers on the back of this one too.  I just took out all the blue squares since I was using that for my main piece.  Had to do a little seam ripping to get there, but i just love it.  

Myra has this Scrappy Patches Pattern for an introductory price through October 15th!  Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday, September 25, 2015

Daffodil Happy Garden Quilt

56 x 68

I saw a quilt on pinterest that I liked, but I didn't want to make a 82 x 98 inch quilt!  Lap quilt size was what I wanted.  So I started drawing on my graph paper to get the size down.  I ended up turning the pattern on its side and cutting it down to about half.  Here is a link to the original free pattern. You have to scroll down a ways to get to it.

Instead of following the pattern, I counted squares, cut them, and laid them out on my design wall.  I cut the white centers at 6.5 inches.  I sewed vertical strip sections, working around the white centers until I had sewn sets of columns.

I used the rest of the daffodil fabric on the back because it was one of those unwanted fabrics on my shelf.  I think this pattern turned that unwanted fabric into a wanted quilt!  Love it!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Jelly Squares

52 x 62

This is my version of this Jelly Square Quilt.  I added another row and column and took off the borders to fit the fabric I had on hand.  The border came off mainly because every fabric in this quilt looked terrible as a border and distracted from the soft look I was going for.

You can strip piece this quilt, but I didn't.  I wasn't sure of my color choices so I didn't want to commit myself by strip sewing them.  The orange squares were in my scrap bin already cut.  I had just enough for this quilt!  The colored squares are 2.5 and 1.5.  The sashing and border is 2.5. Easy quilt to put together.

Can you believe this is my first time binding with a stripe?  At least I think it is.  It matches nicely with the soft backing fabric and I just love it!  I used the backing fabric to pull colors for the front.  Easy quilt to change the size just by adding another row or two.  Changing the background color would also make a huge difference on the look of this quilt.  I might have to make one with a dark background!

Sunday, August 30, 2015

A Quilted Purse

I have been wanting to make this purse since I saw the one Vicki made and the one Jasmine made.  I have never made a bag before or done a zipper.  Let me just say this was a huge challenge for me!  I know why I am a "quilter" and not a "sewer" - I like to sew in straight lines.  But this is a totally doable bag, especially if you can hand sew (which I can not).

I used fabric scraps from this quilt mainly because blue is my favorite color and the squares were in my scrap bin.  I didn't want to go too wild with my color choices.  The tutorial was a little hard at times to understand, but I think that was because I have no experience making things like this. It took me over 5 hours to put this bag together.

I wanted longer straps, so I measured my current purse.  My straps are cut at 34" which I think is still too short.  I should have added at least 10 more inches.  I quilted the side panels with vertical lines and the main panel with a terry twist in each square.

I didn't read the directions correctly so the lining got quilted with the outside, but you can't see it so no big deal.  I didn't add any pockets as this was challenging enough already!

The zipper turned out great after some seam ripping. Not because I didn't use a zipper foot, but because I had the top panel on backwards!  What is a zipper foot and why would I want to use it?  I completely machine sewed the binding on.  Yes, both sides!  I told you I can't hand sew.  No, the stitching line isn't straight, but you don't notice it unless you're looking for it.  (You can look for it in the picture below!)

I love my bag and I'm glad I made myself make it.  It's good to be stretched sometimes.  I can see I need to learn a few things about sewing.  Maybe someday I'll find someone who knows that wants to learn how to quilt and we can teach each other!  Until then I will stick to quilting.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Postcard from Oklahoma

48 x 60

This is my version of the Postcards from Sweden Quilt.  I say "my version" because I didn't buy the kit, but I used what I had on hand.  I was missing a few colors and thought it would be okay to replace them with something close.  Well, I think I was wrong.  This quilt really needs the gem stone shades that are used in the original quilt.  I like my quilt, but I don't love it like I thought I would.

I quilted it with wavy lines running up and down the quilt.  There are 5 per column.  I went vertical because the backing fabric runs horizontal.  I do love the back!  It has the same bright colors as the front.  

I auditioned many colors for the binding - gray, purple, green, pink, and orange.  I really didn't want to use orange, but the warm color was the only thing that seemed to go.  I would have used the darker orange, but it didn't go with the back. Picky, I know.   I'm ready to move on to the next project though.  This one took way too long!

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